Benefit IT in School – Far From City

School is a place to educate students gain knowledge to be have more science and knowledge. Currently the world’s progress in the field of information has been change the world and move much more quickly. I quote the words of someone “who is have the information that will rule the world”.If we connect with the schools so that schools do not know the information it will be missed. Yes that’s my opinion.

The importance of role of IT in developing education in Indonesia today is strongly felt. Schools that are considered not to use IT to arguably outdated. Almost all levels of education are utilizing IT in managing the school. Both in terms of administrative, financial, hrd, academic and information.

IT in schools has a lot to change the existing campus system. If you had the entire registration process is done manually by using paper, but with the IT system is transformed so that the use of paper can be derived. This means that these schools is contributing to reduce the felling of trees in Indonesia.

In addition, IT can be used as media for good reference to get knowledge. Lots of accurate reference shared by the users of IT in this case the Internet to be shared. This can support the user’s to get knowledge from internet.

But my hometown still there are schools that have not been using IT in education. Could be due to a lack of quality school infrastructure or human resources who understand the IT

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